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Crave Gourmet eJuice

CraveTM creates Canada's Best eJuice (a.k.a. e-liquid) using the only the Finest Natural and Organic ingredients. Our Gourmet eJuice has a smooth flavour that is not overly sweet, packed with flavour, and naturally refreshing! Our eJuice can be used in electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, household vaporizers and diffusers, as well as flavouring coffee beans, tea leaves, herbs, spices, baked goods, and more! Our Gourmet eJuice contains special flavour blends packing incredible aroma, lots of flavour and vapor! Check out our site and grab some eJuice, you'll be happy you did!

The Crave Story

Crave Gourmet eJuiceTM opened on September 18th, 2011, in memory of Carol Agnes Marie Faucher (April 16th, 1957 - September 18th, 2010 - 53 years old). Carol was a Pediatric RN and avid non-smoker. She believed that good health was a precious treasure that should be cherished; it could easily be lost as hers was. Carol always went out of her way to help people whenever she could, even if she could not help, she would be there for support.

Our Goals:

1) Provide an alternative to cravings that gives your hands and mouth something fun to do distracting you from your craving, as well as excites your taste buds!
2) Push the boundaries of how people perceive and experience flavour.
Enlighten Your Senses with Crave Gourmet eJuiceTM!
3) Use culinary knowledge and experience to create a positive social impact!
4) To have fun, and continue on Carol's values!

CraveTM has created Gourmet eJuice which is a flavourful liquid that is used in personal vaporizers or electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking, snacking, or whatever you're craving. Our Gourmet eJuice is made from all Organic and Natural ingredients and hand crafted to tantalize your taste buds! Crave Gourmet eJuiceTM is a versatile product that can also be used in the kitchen to flavour desserts, candies, and more. Run buy Red Seal Chef Matt Faucher, and the Crave Team, CraveTM produce the Best Quality Organic & Natural Flavours around!

Our products are completely NICOTINE FREE and are made up of 100% Natural and Organic ingredients. When used in an electronic cigarette they produce a smooth cloud of vapour with tasty flavour profiles and mild aroma of the flavour you are enjoying.
*No more smelly clothes, jackets, hair, hands, or breath (your partner will thank you!)
*No more worries about second hand smoke! The only thing produced is water vapor, superior flavour, and a pleasant aroma.

We are a 100% Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC with locations across Canada. We ship anywhere in World Wide. At Crave Gourmet eJuiceTM, we strive to achieve the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen - Continuous Improvement! We are always looking for feedback! Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions, comments, a story to share, or would like more information.

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